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The MG-19 has been developed for use in locations that require barriers up to 18 feet in length but do not have any provisions for electrical supply. The MG-19 utilizes cast iron counterweights to balance the gate to the point where it can be easily opened with one hand. Locking rings may be fitted with pad or combination locks to secure the arm in either the raised or closed position.

Possible Options

  • Standard tip support for arm length over 15 Feet.
  • Lockable tip support.
  • Octagonal “STOP” sign in one or two directions.


  • Net weight: of a 6m-arm barrier: 146 Kg.
  • Arm length: min. 2m-6.5ft., max. 7m-19ft.
  • Overall dimensions: see below.


  • Vertical posts made of tubular steel with bracket for mounting.
  • Barrier arm made of round tubular aluminum
  • Arm is white with red reflecting stripes on both sides.
  • Pivot assembly made of flat steel profiles, mounted on steel rotating shaft with arm fixing brackets.
  • Sliding cast iron counterweights for adjustable arm balancing whatever the arm length
  • Padlock fixing points for locking arm in closed or open position.
  • Tip support for arm length of 5,01m (16 Feet) and longer (optional for arm up to 5m).