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CPS-30 Credit Card Only Parking Payment Terminal

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The Credit Card Only Pay Station allows your patrons to quicly pay for their parking by credit or debit cards before exiting. Utilizing a magnetic card reader, customers can satify their fee, receive an exit ticket and receipt. Like most TIBA equipment, this unit accommodates a flexible rate structure.

The CPS-30’s modular design and intelligent engineering make it the industry’s most reliable ticket receiving/payment device. This user friendly device processes unpaid tickets and accommodates monthly cardholder payments with a TFT display and intercom for communication with patrons.

TIBA’s logical design allows for the addition of smartcard readers and/or pin-pad for a reasonable cost.

The unit consists of an off-the-shelf receipt printing/ticket scanning/transport device, power supply, main board, I/O board and display. When changing receipt paper the interior of the unit conveniently slides out for easy access. Additionally all TIBA products have on-board communications isolators.

The CPS-30 also has an intercom substation. All tickets are captured for auditing.


  • Built-in intercom substation
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Aluminum pedestal
  • Credit/Debit Card insert reader
  • Motorized barcode reader
  • Heavy duty thermal receipt printer
  • Vivid TFT display
  • Built-in surge protection and heater
  • Custom graphics available to match your company brand
  • Approved ETL listed device