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License Plate Recognition System

The use of Hi-Tech Solution’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems provides the ultimate in “hands free” access to your parking facility.

CPE implements high resolution low-mid speed all-in-one recognition units. Hi-Tech’s C6 is a robust image processing system that captures car plate images and identifies their license plate numbers.

This sophisticated computer-camera-illumination unit, is fully enclosed with its embedded microprocessor and SeeCar/VIR recognition package and performs all functions of an LPR vehicle identification system.

LPR systems can be used as “ticketless” parking access systems or combined with PARC systems such as TIBA Parking Systems and other access devices like AVI to bring you an efficient, fast and safe way to get large volumes of traffic in and out of your facility at peak times.

CPE also utilizes the equipment and software provided by other well respected companies, each tailored to suit your particular requirements and budget.